1º CM: Lista de exercicios feitos ou para facer.


2º CM: Presentaremos aquí distintos recursos para mejorar las comeptencias de inglés. Trabajaremos con 3 bloques:


Una respuesta to “Ejercicios de inglés”

  1. Julio Castro Says:

    Traducciones corregidas. Trabajo de clase.
    Writing of my last work practices.
    In recent work practices I was in Viveros Amado, in the parish of San Román (municipally of Laracha).
    In the company I was with Manolo, Alex, my godfather and my manager David Jesus.
    In the latter practice I was working with fruit trees and changing old greenhouse plants with new plants in season. But mostly I was doing eucalyptus seedlings, changing them to 60 and 113 boxes for sale. And the same situation with pine.
    At last I said goodbye to people in the company until the next time that we meet.

    By the next summer, i’ll work on a farm where i will add me how owner. First of all, my summer plan is to work without resting during six days a week. In that six days, the labour time will be from 7:30 in the morning to 15:00 in the afternoon; and from 16:00 to 23:00 at night.

    This summer I will start to work on my family farm. At the same time, I have planed go to beach and festivals a few days. All weekend afternoons I will go to play football with my team to prepare for next season. I hope to start again the next course in the EFA Fonteboa in the municipality of Coristanco.

    In my last practice I had very little work. The company hired an employee and he did all my work.

    I was responsable of calves feeding and of prepare cow beds. The employee was responsible for feeding and milking. My responsible wanted to build a new farm. The barn was not comfortable enough. It will transform the old barn for dry cows.

    My name is Sergio Castro Vidal. This summer I will finish making driving license. After this, I will work in an agricultural services company collecting grass. At the weekends I have to help my parents on our farm. During my free times, I can go fishing to sea and go to parties. I will take these oportunities to listening many orchestras and traveling a lot.

    In summer I will work a few weeks on my farm helping my parents. Also I will work in a services company with tractors and for any another labor. This company has all kinds of machinery: tractors, harvesters, manure spreaders, spraying machine, etc.
    I chose this company because I want to make alternations the following year in this company. Also my father is a friend of the boss since they were children. The company is located in BUSCÁS, in Ordes council. For sleep, I went home to my grandparents’ home: they are neighbors of my boss. He is called “O Canteiro”: precisely it is the name of the company.

    My last alternation was very short. There was little work because weather did not help anything. There was a lot of rain. The ground was wet and it was very uncomfortable for working. I milked every day twice a day. People are wonderful, in my opinion: they was treating me very well. In fact, they were excited when I finished my practices.

    Two weeks ago I finished my practices period. I spent three weeks in Aranga on a dairy farm. I arrived on Monday morning and I left on Friday afternoon. I was working there every day. I started early in the morning but it wasn´t very stressfull.

    Hello. I’m Diego Romero. My alternations were in a holding of dairy cows. I worked hard because cows need a lot of time for attending them. This farm is located in the Trazo council and it has improved a lot while I was there. Mean liters per cow is 35 liters: it represents a important point of its quality.

    In summer I’m going to go to the beach with my Friends. There we can play football and swim on the sea. Also I proyect to go to my village for working in the garden. In my village I can relax a lot with different activities: swimming in the pool, talking with my relatives, organized several dinners with my friend, etc.

    On my summer vacation I will work on my farm. In my free time I plan to go to parties, practice swimming and fishing, and go to beach. I will get up at seven in the morning and I will finish working at two thirty. In the afternoon I will start to work at half past six and I will finish at nine-fifteen. It possible that I will enjoy to drive our tractor. The last days of summer I will go camping.

    Three weeks ago I was in Aranga alternation in a farm. I worked a lot during this period. Every days I helped to people of that house. I learned many things during those weeks and met a new place. This farm has 70 cows in total: 62 milking cows. In this farm works only a marriage. I was working Monday to Friday and also I slept in them house during this days. I left every weeks on Friday at half past three.

    In this period the course is finishing. During summer I am going to be almost all time in my work in the field with dairy cows. Also I plan to go to parties near my village and to the beach. In my spare time I sometimes could go for a bike ride with some friends: it like me especially on sunny days, but not hotter days.

    In Summer I will go to the beach every sunny days. Also I will go to parties with my friends for a drink. At the same time I’ll take care of my own animals. I could take the change to visit my responsible for the alternation during this period of vacations.

    On October 14 I went to business practices to Benedict, in the municipality of Vimianzo – Baio. The company works on the theme of gardening and farms, maintenance of pools, closures and sell pots, substrates, chickens, working material, etc. They work throughout province of A Coruña. The first few days I worked with a gardening employee called David. With him, we were cutting grass, bushs and palms. During the second week, we were cutting bushs all the time. The third week I was pruning roses and all kinds of fruit.

    In my last practices period, I was helping at home. I took to make the slurry and to wash tanks. Our cows have an average production of 31.5 liters per cow. On our farm there are 70 cows milking, 30 are dry cows, several heifers and 50 rearing calves. The milking room has 12 points and is a Westfalia brand.

    My name is Ismael and I was in my last alternation in Cerceda in a farm of beef cows. Sometimes I worked a lot. My tutor was treating me very well, although sometimes I felt bored. It produced me that these weeks looked me interminable.

    In these alternations, I was helping to my responsable to milk cows and fix machinery that we need for grass silage. Also, I cleaned grass storages with a tank full of water and I fixed several irons for cow beds. I was also taking manure for corn fields. We have attended three cow births: in these cases, had to come a vet.

    This year I have been studying a medium cycle of agricultural production in Fonteboa. I have met many people from many places in Galicia and have visited many farms. I’ve done a lot of tasks and some exams. What I liked about this course was the time I was practicing on a farm. Now summer is coming and it’s time to rest until September.


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